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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Wondrous New Eden

My paradise home has found the perfect new steward for itself but you are still
very welcomed to take a getaway arm chair tour. 


As the trees lining the long driveway give way to an open expanse of lawn and buildings, you almost expected a Hobbit with pipe in hand to wander down the path to greet you.  Or a talking billy goat or two. 

First glimpse on a bright August day

The cabin on a misty Spring morning

Back porch leading into the kitchen

 The fascinating hand-built oven/grill/smoker right outside that kitchen entry
Cabin in late Autumn mantle

South end in late Autumn with wide cellar door to roll in winter projects.  The dining gazebo is shown off to the right, not far from the stone BBQ. 

A quiet, peaceful morning on the back porch after a new fall of snow.
The cabin with a teasing view of the little barn behind it
It was becoming clear that this was no Lincoln Log cookie cutter cabin and I felt a growing need  to find out more about this couple who had built everything here by hand.  As is sadly usual, there had been no background information shared by the seller.  In this case, it was a sole surviving adult child with a full life elsewhere and no interest in the place or who bought it.  I would have to rely on synchronicity as usual to piece together all the details.  Over the course of the next year, it would become a story of people that I would have loved to befriend personally.

Although I have owned and restored or enhanced many eccentric or whimsical properties in the last 35 years, I realize that this one will remain my personal snow-globe when I move on, much the way that Heidi treasured the snow-globe that reminded her of the idyllic Alpine cabin and life that she had shared with her loving grandfather.  

This place deserves someone who can gently restore the grounds to its builders' intent; perhaps an artist, a writer, a photographer, a new Thoreau on a new Walden Pond.