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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Land of AWWWs

When the substitute mail carrier drove up the driveway for the first time, her reaction made me realize that I was not the only one overwhelmed by the setting.  I had walked down to meet her and when she got out of her car, she gasped as she pivoted around and said "Ohhh my, this must be like living in a postcard!".

I am now getting used to new visitors barely saying hello before they pull out a cellphone or camera and disappear for good lengths of time.  Some have even had the photos printed to hang on their own walls. It is a wonderful feeling for me. If only photos and words could capture the feeling here - I don't think they ever will.


Antique hand well pump from the original farm

A delightful relic exposed by winter and now erased by the greenery once more

Charming rustic fences formerly hidden by lush summer greenery

Rustic log barnyard fences

Mossy ghost of an old wooden ladder in the woods

Above:   Despite a half moon playfully incised  into a weathered plaque, this was apparently a chicken and/or duck coop which incorporated a 19th century cement milk cooler as their watering pool.  About three properties ago, I resurrected a similar milkhouse cement trough as a koi pool and it was a lovely place to sit quietly.

Here is the same building after the grapevines leafed out for summer