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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Fauna

It was the wildlife that brought me the most comfort and soul healing here.  It  wasn't too long before I had established enjoyable friendships with some of the local creatures.  

They're all named Rocky:

 The first calling card

 Rocky the Raccoon soon realized that I shared my food and it would show up earlier and earlier each day to beat the other local moochers to supper.

 The plea

The usual "thank you" for another good peanut butter cookie. 

The day that Rocky the "it" introduced her new family and became a "she".  

A grouse feeding on winter sumac fruit.  Photographed through the cabin window.   

A friendly resident of the seasonal brook

A most tiny frog who would come up to visit from his lair in a hollow fence post. 

 Winter resident doe in a snow storm

 Doe executing a fine raspberry

 Wild turkeys on the walkway