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Friday, June 12, 2015

The barn

This small barn apparently housed a few cows back in its glory days.  The cows provided for the family's milk, meat and occasionally for work strength, much like oxen.

The barn's roof has declined but the framing is still solid.  I had plans to install a metal roof when I first arrived but health issues took a front seat.  I still envision this as possibly guest house someday if animals do not assume residence  again.  Or perhaps a work shop or artist studio.

Detail of the whimsical barn door hardware so typical of all the buildings.

Staring up the gullet of the long abandoned manure removal system.  I had thought about restoring this as a surprise-ending ride for any unruly young visitors. 

Wild grapes festoon the sheltered outdoor cow manger.

 The seasonal run-off brook behind the barn.   The beaver preferred it closed off whereas I preferred to keep it running free and cheerfully burbling throughout the summer.